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  • The IYS Building management system is monitoring the complete heating and cooling system which consists of the following components:

    • 2 55Kw Gas Boilers
    • 2 Main pumps – Duty and standby with duty swapping
    • 1 Compensated heating pump
    • 1 Domestic hot water system with temperature control
    • 1 Air handling unit with gas heater and DX cooling
    • 1 Under floor heating system
    • 2 Inverters controlling AHU fan speeds for supply and extract
    • 3 Modulating valves for heating zones
    • 1 Heating/Cooling schedule setting

    The graphic right is showing the main boilers and the associated data accessed from the site as live data. The complete system is monitored by the building management and includes Emails of alarm data. Schedules can be set and changed remotely making the system easy to use and ensuring that costs are kept to a minimum in only heating the required rooms in use. Building temperatures are monitored to ensure the system is working efficiently and with the lowest costs. IYS design and install systems of all sizes to suit the building and the required control. All systems can be monitored remotely and include Email alarms configured to contact key managers in the event of system faults requiring a service call.

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